facing pages can create the opportunity for a mirror to form between information

as one page of content informs the other the context of that information can become
construed or it can be represented clearly in its original form

through the digital publication, mirrors,  the idea of the mirror is created through the use
of pre existing content working together within the same spread

Diane Arbus -- Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967

Lee Friedlander -- Princeton, New Jersey, 1969

Lee Friedlander -- New York City, 1968


Lee Friedlander -- Monterey, California, 1970 

Lee Friedlander -- Madison, Wisconsin, 1966

Andre Kertesz -- Peasant Woman, 1924

The FSA -- Meal Time, Forest City, Arkansas, 1937

Images were taken from ‘Documentary Photography’ created by the editors of Time-Life Books and published by Time Inc. in 1972

-- gifs were taken from gifcities.com